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History :: Past Proficiency Winners
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 Region Proficiency Winners


Patti Wulf                     Home/Farm Improvement         1987
Mike Domnick             Beef Production                        1989
Mark Staebler              Diversified Livestock                1990
Doug Nohl                   Swine Production                     1992
Dave Huebner              Oil Crop Production                 1994
Mindy Wulf                  Specialty Production                 1994
Kurt Domnick              Oil Crop Produciton                 1995
Ryan Sleiter                  Beef Production                        1995
Kevin Wulf                   Home/Farm Improvement         1995
Mark Staples                Ag Mechanics                          1996
Coby Backman            Diversified Crop Production      1998
Mitch Koehl                 Diversified Livestock                1998
Robby Rinkenberger     Forage Production                    1999    State Winner
Joey Rinkenberger        Sales and Service                     2000    State Winner
Rachel Wulf                  Beef Production                        2002    State Winner
Paul Koehl                   Ag Service                               2006
Justin Rohloff                Swine Production                     2006    State Winner
Travis Moser                Grain Production                      2008    2nd State
Rita Wulf                      Beef Production                        2008
Jenna Moser                 Swine Production                     2008
Esther Koehl                Ag Service                               2008
Brandi Sperr                 Agriculture Education                2008
Travis Wulf                   Beef Production                        2009    3rd State
Jenna Moser                 Swine Production                     2009    2nd State
Lauren Kill                   Sheep Production                     2010
Tanner Rohloff              Swine Production                     2010    State Winner
Wade Backman            Diversified Livestock                2010    State Winner
Esther Koehl                Ag Service                               2010    State Winner



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